external & exterior window shutters

Exterior or external window shutters could transform your home.

Exterior shutters can transform any window, add kurb appeal to your home and even add value. Our external window shutters are easy to install and maintenance free. They even come with a 40 year manufacturers warranty and are available in louvre, panel and board styles and in many different colours. Simply click on the links above to view the style that is of interest to you.

Exterior window shutters were particularly fashionable in the Geogian era. Whilst still popular on continental Europe, few homes in the UK now have external shutters that actually open and close. This is due in part to the weather, but also to the fact that most windows in the UK now open outwards, and so shutters can not be closed from the inside. For these reasons most exterior shutters you'll see now are purely decorative i.e. they do not open and closed; they are simply pinned into position either side of the window.

This fashion for decorative external window shutters is even greater in the United States of America, where you will see exterior shutters on most homes outside of the big cities. It's not surprising then that it is the USA that our external shutters originate from, although we fabricate most of our made to measure sizes over here.

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